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Adrian Wilson seems confident that he can find another home if cut by the Cardinals

A-Dub may have played his final game at University of Phoenix Stadium as a Cardinal, but seems confident that he would be able to find a home next season if the Cards cut him.


The season at University of Phoenix Stadium has already come and gone. The Cardinals have played all eight of their home games, posting a mediocre 4-4 record in Glendale.

With the end of the home season comes a plethora of question. The most intriguing one is in regards to which players/coaches will be apart of the team come 2013. One of the players most in question is long time Cardinals safety, Adrian Wilson.

A-Dub was drafted by the Cardinals back in 2001 and has played for them ever since, but many believe his time in the desert is coming to a close. Most expect him to be cut before next season begins. Wilson, however, seems to be focused on what is in his control, which is finishing out the season they are currently in.

"I haven't thought about it one bit, until (the media) continuously brings it up," Wilson said. "If they make a decision, I'm pretty sure it's going to be pretty quick. If they don't, okay."

While I don't necessarily believe that not being apart of the Cards has never crossed his mind, I do believe he isn't dwelling too much on that looming possibility. It is completely out of his control and if the Cards cut him, it would be justified. His play has been inconsistent the past couple of seasons.

This season, more specifically, Wilson has seen a drastic cut in his playing time. Rashad Johnson and James Sanders have seen a lot more snaps than originally anticipated due to Wilson's declining level of play. Still, he feels that he can continue to perform at a high level... and if the Cardinals don't want him, he will play at that level for another team.

Now, Wilson did not come out and directly say that he is auditioning for other teams like Beanie Wells did, but he did make it clear that he still believes he can play. These remarks are indicative of his feelings.

"Either way I go, I'm a good player. We'll see what happens."

Will the Cardinals give him another season to prove that or is it time to cut their losses? That remains to be seen, but I am confident that another team would pick him up if he were cut -- as awkward as that would be for Cards fans to see.

Maybe A-Dub said that because he still believes the team has faith in his ability. Maybe he believes he is destined to retire as a member of the Arizona Cardinals.

Either way, Wilson was a good player and the Cardinals may be looking to move on from the A-Dub era following yet another disastrous season.

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