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What are your Christmas wishes for the Arizona Cardinals?

There is a lot to want for the Cardinals after the season they have had.

Norm Hall

It is Christmas Day, and likely we all got a few things we wanted. I hope that was the case for all of us. Since the season for the Arizona Cardinals has not gone particularly well, you can bet that Christmas lists included a few things for the team to get better.

Since we are going to hit the afternoon lull, let's use this as the open thread to talk about what we really want to see for our team.

Here are probably some common ones

  • Kurt Warner to come back
  • A do over for this season
  • A new quarterback (discuss who you want)
  • A new coaching staff
  • A new offensive line
  • New running backs
  • A win this weekend over the hated 49ers
  • A loss to get a better draft pick
  • A Patrick Peterson punt return touchdown
  • Todd Haley
  • A first round draft pick that actually is not a bust

Tell us about your Cardinals wish, and while you're at it, why nit discuss the holiday with your fellow community members?

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