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Patrick Peterson thrilled to be Pro Bowler

He says making it as a defensive back is '10 times better' than as a returner


Arizona Cardinals cornerback Patrick Peterson is a Pro Bowler for the second year in a row. He joins Vai Sikahema as the only Cardinals players to make the Pro Bowl in each of their first two seasons. Peterson joins Hall of Famer Rod Woodson as the only other player have made a Pro Bowl as a returner and as a cornerback.

What does he think?

According the team's official site, he said. "It solidified what I've been trying to get the world to see. I've been working hard to get in this position.

"Last year was a huge accomplishment, but this one is 10 times better," Peterson said. "I wanted to set myself up to be a great cornerback. Being a good punt returner is huge but I want to be known as a great defensive back."

He has arrived. He was not the top vote getter in the conference at his position, which means he has the respect of the coaches around the rest of the league (Ken Whisenhunt could not vote for him) and his peers.

His coaches trust him. Most of the season, he has been isolated on the opposing teams' top receiver. He has gotten help with guys like Calvin Johnson and Brandon Marshall, but the defense has relied on him for coverage down the field.

He is not quite at the same level as some of the best guys in coverage, but he is certainly at the precipice.

Peterson has the physical gifts, the smarts, the confidence and the star power to be a guy that will be recognized for a long time.

This will probably and hopefully be the first of many trips to Honolulu as a cornerback. Next year, the goal will be to make it as a starter. But even better would be to be named a starter but be unable to participate because the Cardinals are in the Super Bowl.