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Who is the NFL Offensive MVP?

The debate is on, sponsored by Gillette

Jared Wickerham

The end of the regular season is almost here and then there will be the awards that go out to the best of the NFL. The collection of NFL writers for SB Nation were polled and the results can be found here.

Gillette is continuing with its debate series, and it has a new question this week to discuss here and on Facebook. Who is this year's offensive MVP and why?

Now the question is a bit vague in the sense that it could be for Offensive Player of the Year or league MVP.

Honestly, can you go wrong by choosing any one of three players? Peyton Manning, Adrian Peterson and tom Brady all are having the kind of year that can warrant either award.

The SB Nation bloggers voted Peyton Manning. I personally voted for Tom Brady.

For Offensive Player of the Year, the writers chose Adrian Peterson. He got my vote as well.

What are your thoughts? Talk about it here and join the conversation on Facebook where Gillette is having everyone discuss it as well.