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49ers big favorites over Cardinals, says Vegas

Vegas has set the line for the 49ers and Cardinals game at 16.5 points.

Mark J. Rebilas-US PRESSWIRE

With the Cardinals having nothing to play for this Sunday besides their pride and draft positioning, it will be interesting to see if they play their starters as much as usual. We know that the 49ers will, as they are still looking to secure the division with a victory over Arizona. If not, they risk getting a lower seed by being leapfrogged by the Seahawks.

So just how much do people think the 49ers are going to beat the Cardinals by? Well, Vegas has the line set at 16.5 points right now. And Sam Farmer from the LA Times had this little tidbit of knowledge to drop on Friday:

So it seems that this is the most outmatched the Cardinals have been since they moved to Arizona. This should come as no surprise, as this year has had one of the worst displays of quarterbacking we have ever seen. Since Kevin Kolb went down in week six, John Skelton and Ryan Lindley have been absolutely atrocious. Now it is Brian Hoyer's time to show what he can do, albeit he has only been on the roster for three weeks.

This game has the potential to get very ugly, very quickly. If the Cardinals stay within 10 points, I will honestly be surprised. I just don't think they have any shot at winning at all.

What do you think? Is the 16.5 point line too much? Will the Cards make it a close game? Tell us in the comments section below.

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