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Cardinals Vs. Jets: What was the biggest blunder of the game?

We ask you which mistake was the biggest.


The Arizona Cardinals have dropped eight games in a row and are the epitome of the phrase first-to-worst. Stubborn seems like too simple of a word to use to describe the coaching decisions during the game. Rookie QB Ryan Lindley played one of the worst games ever played in the NFL by a QB with over 30 snaps and he continued to play the game in whole. Faced with a similar situation Jets head coach Rex Ryan pulled his starting QB Mark Sanchez and replaced him with their third string QB who scored the game winning, and only, touchdown. One coach made decisions like he was trying to save his teams season and his own job, the other made decisions that made him look blind to his bad decisions and too almost as if he's throwing the season for evaluations and draft picks.

The Cardinals' defense and special teams deserves the accolades for holding an opposing team to seven points, causing turnovers, and playing "never give up" football. The boneheaded lack of an offense keeps the team from winning when holding opponents to less than ten points. The only thing they can do differently is play both sides of the ball. With the amount of time they're on the field already they may as well, there's a good chance they'd actually score when they cause a turnover inside the 25 yards line.

The Boneheaded plays for this week:

1) Ryan Lindley played a full game. 2nd worst performance ever by a QB.

2) Only one snap for LSH. LSH carried the rock and played inspired football prior to Wells' return. When Wells couldn't produce he was rewarded with one carry.

3) Beanie Wells played a full game. Wells couldn't convert in short yardage situations and lacked explosiveness. He really shouldn't be the lead back right now.

4) One catch for Fitzgerald. Not his fault, Lindley couldn't hit the broad side of a barn, let alone a WR whose catching radius is the size of the broad side of a barn.

5) All off the above. No offense leads to losses. This team has problems and even one win through the end of this year looks unlikely.

What would you say is the bonehead play from this week?