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Cardinals vs. Jets: What was the biggest play of the game?

You get to vote on it!


You wouldn't think there were many good plays in a 7-6 loss. However, looking back, there were some plays worth featuring. So here are the plays to choose from. Note they are from both the perspective of the Cards and also from the Jets.

Patrick Peterson's acrobatic interception

So, is there any doubt that Peterson can actually pick off passes? He has five on the year and this was one of the most difficult to do. He was beaten on the play but recovered and took the ball away.

Greg McElroy TD pass

It was the only touchdown of the game and it was the winning play.

Rashad Johnson 40-yard fake punt run

It is the second time this season that Johnson has had a big play on a fake punt. This one made it possible for the first Jay Feely field goal.

Shonn Greene's refusing to score at the end of the game

Greene had key carries and yards late in the game. He easily could have had a touchdown with a little over a minute left. Instead of punch it into the end zone, he downed himself at the one-yard line for a first down, allowing the Jets to run out the clock. Had he scored, the Jets would have been up only eight and would have given the Cardinals the ball.

Any of the Kerry Rhodes forced turnovers

Rhodes picked off a pair of passes and forced a fumble. Any of these plays could have been viewed as the biggest, most important plays of the game. Too bad they were for naught.

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