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Cardinals vs. Jets: Who was the player of the game?

No one from the offense really stood out for the Cardinals, but the defense had a fine day against the Jets.


Honestly, this poll for player of the game this week will not even include an offensive player. None of them are deserving of it. The defense played their tails off and the offense did not want to help them at all. You have seen the analysis, you have likely watched the game and you have read the box score.

Now here are your nominees for Cardinals player of the game:

Kerry Rhodes

Rhodes is the obvious frontrunner. Returning to New York to take on his old team, Rhodes recorded two interceptions and a forced fumble on Sunday. He was all over the place. He showed Rex Ryan who the real loser was.

Rashad Johnson

He mainly makes the list because he was the leading rusher for the Cardinals. His 40-yard fake punt run was outstanding and it gave the Cardinals' offense a chance in which they decided to score a field goal on. Hooray!

Dan Williams

You can't really tell based on how well Shonn Greene and Bilal Powell played, but Williams had a solid game. The announcers were keying on him for many plays as he managed to shed blockers and get into the Jets backfield. He led the Cards in tackles with 10, 6 of them were solo.

Daryl Washington

A consistent member of the player of the game list. Washington was at it again with his 8 solo tackles and a recovered fumble. The guy is always in the right place at the right time. I am quite glad the team locked him up for many years to come.

Who do you think deserves the game ball for the Cards (besides no one). Vote in the poll and leave your comments below!

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