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5 Positivies from Sundays Loss

While there are a few games left, the season has come and gone for this team. Now it's just time to fight for Draft positioning.


1) Turnovers: The Defense yet again performed miraculously. +3 turnover margin, 5/14 on 3rd downs, 289 total yards, only a TD allowed. What more can you ask from your Defense? Well apparently our offense wants them to hold them to 0 TD's and put up 14 for the team.

2) Kerry Rhodes: Rex Ryan bashed him when he traded him to AZ. This week could have been a war of the words between the coach and Rhodes, but Rhodes took the high road and elected to let his play do the talking... And that's just what happened. Two INT's, a Forced Fumble, laird the wood on plenty of tackles too. Unfortunately his great play was overshadowed by a terrible game.

3) Patrick Peterson: Again makes a pick and had several nice passes defended, and could have had another if not for a 'catch' that really should have been reversed. He's really coming into his own, even if his punt return statistics have died.

4) The O-Line: Our O-Line has really come into its own recently. Nate Potter gets pushed back by bull rushes but he hasn't let one get by him yet which is a good sign. Adam Snyder looked okay yesterday, Massie has yet to allow a sack over the last four games. Colledge had to help his rookie tackle and new center so he allowed both sacks, which I will forgive him for.

5) Well I'm really short on Positives... So Ryan Lindley!
Boy does he have some class. Anybody sees his lumberjack look after the game yesterday? Sigh... Kurt Warner where are you?