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Cardinals vs Jets: Play of the Game

And you thought last week's game was ugly! For the eighth straight week the Arizona Cardinals add an 'L' to their record, and seemingly in uglier and uglier fashion each week. This game, however, is proof that even in the worst circumstances, there are still some neat plays that we can reminisce about. Here are those neat plays


1. Kerry Rhodes picks off Sanchez's first pass - Athletically it may not have been the best play, but what it potentially could have meant if our offensive wasn't awful is huge. Rhodes' interception put Arizona in FG range early, but of course, the Cardinals don't get any point out of it, due to four straight failed runs. On a positive note, Kerry Rhodes is quickly adding himself into the conversation for Cards defensive MVP, although Daryl Washington has a tight grip on that at the moment

2. Patrick Peterson is ridiculous - Athletically, this play should absolutely win play of the week. Sanchez throws it deep to Chaz Schilens, who does have a step on Peterson, but PP21 explodes once the ball gets it range, reaches over top of Schilens, and somehow turns his body midair while running into Chaz. Peterson may not be worthy of talk as the Cards defensive MVP, but he certainly deserves a ton of Pro Bowl votes.

3. Gutsy fake punt call works out - While punt returning hasn't been the advantage Cards fans thought it would be this season, the punt team has been great. For the second time this year, Rashad Johnson has taken a direct snap in punt formation, and taken it for a first down, this time for 40 yards, put the Cards on the Jets 35 yard line in field goal range.

4. Michael Floyd makes a nifty sideline catch - While he probably wished for a bit of a better game for his birthday weekend, Michael Floyd made one heck of a catch to get the Cardinals in easy field goal range. Floyd was open on the sideline, and it really shouldn't have been this difficult, but since it was Lindley throwing, the ball went 5 yards out of bounds. Floyd somehow corralled it in, and tapped both feet down on the sideline for a catch. Cards fans want to see more of that out of the rookie 1st rounder.