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What HAS to be Done This Offseason

This season is over, and it's now time to plan for the Offseason.

Ignore the Purple. Red looks nice on or man Flacco.
Ignore the Purple. Red looks nice on or man Flacco.

The first thing the team does in the Offseason is evaluate coaching. If the team in anyway, shape, or form evaluates the offensive side of the ball like we do... Bye Bye Miller. This could also mean Whisenhunt is shown the door as well. If so there's a handful of College Head Coaches and retired but planning a return coaches as well. Two guys Arizona SHOULD watch are Brian Billick and Chip Kelly. I know homer-ism has me talking so much about Kelly but he does boast one of the best Collegiate Offenses. Also the history of PAC-10/PAC-12 Coaches in the NFC West is pretty good. Harbaugh out of Stanford, Carrol out of USC. Both have turned their teams around. Now maybe Kelly can do the same here.

Also the case of Graves comes up. He's got a knack for player talent but not so much for personnel. That means either demote Graves, or fire him and replace him with Steve Keim. As seen by his Scouting department he knows how to handle his personnel and how to find NFL talent.

Next thing is the talent evaluation. Which players underperformed, who were surprises, so on. Two guys I think of right now that need extensions. Groves and LSH. Groves has filled in beyond belief with Schofield out. Pressures, blocks kicks, gets sacks, does everything you need out of a player. LSH is a beast. The little powerhouse is our leading rusher this season, and when used effectively he's a monster. Both guys should be locked up for quite some time.

But it's not all good news. Gay has been a liability in the secondary. Yes he's made some big time INT's, but he reminds me of DRC. Gets burned in coverage when he tries to do to much. Gay is nowhere near as fast but he's the better tackler. Lenon needs to go, or be moved down the Depth Chart. If we're all about results he should have been benched a while ago. Yes Bradley is receiving more and more snaps, but thus far Lenon has been on the field so much more than he needs to be. Heap will have to go as well...

The 3rd stage is Free Agency... We can let guys go here, or we can have others restructure. If a new HC is brought in, there will be some mad house cleaning. Kolb will have to restructure either way, Bradley too. But there are plenty of FA's this year who could be interesting signings. Joe Flacco's contract will run out, and I doubt the Ravens let him test Free Agency... But if they do... You SIGN him. Give him that elite money he so wants! If we get him, we have no need to sign anybody else. But in all seriousness Matt Moore could be a nice signing. He's a game manager, but he can get points on the board as shown by leading the Dolphins to some good wins last year. Jake Long too. He holds the leverage in the contract talks with the team because if they franchise tag him, it will be 120% more than his cap hit this year.

And Finally we come to the Draft... Which I will hold off on because I have ranted to much for one post. Let me know what you think.