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Arizona Cardinals week 17 post game thoughts

It's the end of the season, at least for some teams, including the Arizona Cardinals

Changes, they are a coming!
Changes, they are a coming!

Darnell Dockett said it best via twitter when he tweeted that he was glad the season was almost over. Well, as of a few minutes ago, it officially is, although in truth, the Arizona Cardinal's season ended week 5, when they lost to the St. Louis Rams 17 - 3.

Today was just the final nail in the coffin lid. Changes should be coming after a season where they Cards finished 5 - 11, tying an equally dismal 2012 performance. The offense requires an overhaul. The QB position struggled when Kevin Kolb went down to injury, although newly acquired QB Brian Hoyer managed to throw a TD pass in the last game. OT requires a look, as does the RB position, especially with the aura of uncertainty surrounding Beanie Wells.

The offensive coordinator needs to change as well. Mike Miller loves running up the middle, even when it doesn't work out. He's been mismatched the entire season.

Defensively, the Cardinals are sound, although once again, due to the season and friction between players and the organization, SS Adrian Wilson and DT Darnell Dockett may be on the way out rather than staying around. As for the DC, Ray Horton has been mentioned as a potential candidate for a HC job, so he may find himself in that position elsewhere.

But hey, as longtime fans of the Cardinals know, there's always next season. Or the season after that. Or even the season beyond that one. Only the magic 8 ball knows for sure.