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5 Positives from Sundays Loss

The season came to a close, and unlike most other losses there's a few positives.


The Arizona Cardinal lost on Sunday to complete a 5-11 campaign, but, believe it or not, there were some good things that came out of the loss. Here are five.

1) The First Quarter: Cardinals dominated the first quarter and early into the second, before Kaepernick turned it on. Brian Hoyer went to Michael Floyd early and often, taking advantage of the Niners eliminating Fitz.

2) Michael Floyd's Day: 166 yards and a TD is a nice way to end your rookie season. If he can develop next year Larry Fitzgerald will be able to return to dominance with a dangerous number two receiver.

3) Brian Hoyer: Yes he had a pick, and no he didn't win us the game, but the guy did score our first passing TD since November 4th. He showed poise behind an O-Line that yet again returned to terribleness. I can see Arizona retaining him and giving him the offseason to see what they have in him.

4) Offensive Success: The offense had success in today's game. William Powell had 51 yards on 12 carries in the first half, they converted on early third downs. If you had asked me I would have said we had the wrong team. Hoyer has promise and he showed it today.

5) Character: Many of you saw Vonnie Holliday starting at DE over Calais Campbell. The reason for that was because Holliday will more than likely retire, so his teammate figured he should retire with one final start.

BONUS: Seasons Over: Not the way we wanted it to, but we no longer have to watch the Offense go 3 and out 16 times a game!