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NFL Draft order 2013: Arizona Cardinals finish with the 7th pick overall

Their 5-11 season locks them in with another top-10 pick in the draft.

Chris Trotman

With the 5-11 finish to the 2012 regular season, while there is a lot of uncertainty surrounding the team, front office and coaching staff, there is one thing that we do know. We know where the team will be picking in the 2013 NFL Draft. Their loss to the San Francisco 49ers locked in the Cardinals with the seventh overall pick.

They finish with the same record as the Cleveland Browns; however, as Cleveland had a weaker strength of schedule, they will select ahead of Arizona.

The team's win over the Detroit Lions ended up costing them two spots. they would have selected number five at 4-12, selecting behind the Philadelphia Eagles, who also have the same record.

Here is the order of the top 10 picks, according to SB Nation:

1. Kansas City Chiefs (2-14) .516 SOS
2. Jacksonville Jaguars (2-14) .539
3. Oakland Raiders (4-12) .469
4. Philadelphia Eagles (4-12) .508
5. Detroit Lions (4-12) .566
6. Cleveland Browns (5-11) .508
7. Arizona Cardinals (5-11) .559
8. Buffalo Bills (6-10) .480
9. New York Jets (6-10) .512 (4-8 conference record)
10. Tennessee Titans (6-10) .512 (5-7 conference record)

Now is the big question. With all the needs the Cardinals have, what should their target position be? Should they go with an offensive lineman? How about a quarterback, as you almost have to overdraft a quarterback because everyone values them so highly, even though this draft's group is not considered to be as strong as last year's class. How about a linebacker, defensive lineman or a defensive back?

Should the go straight "best player available" as they have in past drafts?

There is a lot to consider between now and April. But at number seven, Arizona ideally can get an impact player for next year.

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