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Arizona Cardinals players react to firing of Whisenhunt

So far only three guys have had any sort of input on the firings, but their statements are pretty strong.

Otto Greule Jr

Bob McManaman (@azbobbymac) has contacted several Cardinal players to hear their reactions on the massive overhaul that occurred today. Most players were already gone by the time word broke about the firings so the only way to find out is over Twitter and phone calls. Here's Kevin Kolbs reaction and his thoughts on next season...

Kevin Kolb on Cards firings: "Whether you love each other or hate each other, you still work (together) every day and ... its' a shock."

Kolb on next season with Cards: "I’m going to come back here, take full charge of the team and build on what we did early this season."

More Kolb: "(starting 4-0) was some of the better times I’ve ever had a on a football field. That’s what I’m going to wrap my mind around."

More Cards QB Kevin Kolb via phone: "My focus and my energy is in this organization and getting us back to being a full-caliber team."

If you wish to keep up with Bob McManaman while he checks up on the rest of the Cardinals follow him @azbobbymac on twitter. I'll keep you all updated on twitter @mannrotb.