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Arizona Cardinals to interview Andy Reid, in addition to McCoy, Horton

Team president Michael Bidwill addressed the media about the search for a new GM, head coach.

Andy Lyons

After hours of speculation and reports from the media, Arizona Cardinals team president Michael Bidwill addressed the media and talked about the decision to fire Rod Graves and Ken Whisenhunt, as well as discuss the hiring process.

Despite what was previously reported, Ken Whisenhunt was not given a chance to stay with less responsibility. Bidwill said that the decision to make the changes was made Sunday night after the game, and not after conversations with both Graves and Whiz. Those conversations apparently were just to advise them of the team's decision.

The most interesting revelation made in the press conference was that Bidwill gave up some of the names of candidates. He confirmed that defensive coordinator Ray Horton will be the first to interview, and that the team has received permission to interview Andy Reid and Denver Broncos offensive coordinator Mike McCoy.

When asked about Pittsburgh Steelers offensive coordiantor Todd Haley, Bidwill completely skipped over the name. Apparently he is not on the list of candidates.

As for general manager, Steve Keim was confirmed as an in-house candidate.

Bidwill acknowledged that with the holidays, the process will probably not go at "lightning speed," but that he has some urgency knowing there are other coaching vacancies.

The order of hiring a head coach and general manger is not the main issue for Bidwill, but rather finding the "right fit," so we might see a new coach or a new GM first.

The decision to fire Graves and Whisenhunt was a difficult one, but it came down to wins and losses, and that the ability to identify and develop quarterback talent is something to consider. Other candidates that will be considered will be people with former head coaching experience, coordinators and college coaches.

Who are those men? They will be revealed soon by the media in the next few days.

Something else of note was the discussion of quarterback Kevin Kolb. While the trade and the contract to get Kolb have not yielded the desired value yet, Bidwill did say, "I'm not ready to give up on Kevin Kolb yet." It looks like Bidwill believes in Kolb and it would not be a surprise to see him return in 2013. That would especially be the case should Andy Reid be Arizona's new head coach.

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