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NFL Power Rankings: How low can you go?

If nothing else, this weekend of NFL football demonstrated that if a team has the option of fielding a team with a very good offense and a crap defense, or a very good defense and a crap offense, the former should be the obvious choice. Once again Ray Horton's squad put together a fantastic defensive effort, including several turnover's in New York's end, but the offense managed only six points on the day. Power Rankings here for your amusement.

Zasty is not impressive. No sir. Not one bit.
Zasty is not impressive. No sir. Not one bit.

1. Houston Texans - Running the football is having a renaissance this season, and none do it better than Houston (except maybe Adrian Peterson).

2. San Francisco 49ers - Filed under the unexpected: Don't worry 49ers fans, you don't have to play St. Louis anymore

3. New England Patriots - Brady's got a very good run game this year, contender's beware.

4. Denver Broncos - Brady vs Manning in the playoffs again. Please allow this to happen football gods

5. Atlanta Falcons - Took care of business when everyone was hoping on the New Orleans bandwagon.

6. Green Bay Packers - For my money, there is no one better than Aaron Rodgers right now. Take him out of the picture for Green Bay and they challenge for the top pick.

7. New York Giants - The champs got beat by the Washington RG3s on Monday, but they always get hot late in the season, and I'd expect that to happen again.

8. Pittsburgh Steelers - They beat Baltimore with Charlie Batch under center. Just imagine how good they'll be once they get Big Ben back.

9. Indianapolis Colts - Could Andrew Luck potentially win the MVP? Even more intriguing, could the race come down to him vs Peyton?

10. Baltimore Ravens - Unlike the Ravens of old, this team lives and dies with Flacco. So far this season, Flacco's kept them going, but do you want to rely on him in the playoffs?

11. Seattle Seahawks - Big game next week as Sherman and Browners suspensions kick in. The loss of those two could be huge for a strong Seattle secondary.

12. Chicago Bears - The race for the NFC North crown will be something to keep an eye on down the stretch. Home field is big for both the Packers and the Bears.

13. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - They put up a valiant effort in a game most counted them out of from the get go. Going to need to get on a streak down the stretch to make the playoffs.

14. Cincinnati Bengals - Three AFC North teams in the playoffs? Its a real possibility.

15. Washington Redskins - My favourite playoff scenario at this point would be the, unlikely, RG3's Redskins vs Luck's Colts.

16. New Orleans Saints - Out of the playoff hunt essentially, but this is still a dangerous team. Easily the most likely spoiler candidate.

17. Minnesota Vikings - AP2K. Needs to average 135 yards over the last three games to get there.

18. St. Louis Rams - Janoris Jenkins ladies and gentlemen, has scored more touchdowns the past two weeks than the Cardinals.

19. Buffalo Bills - Just keep handing the ball off to CJ Spiller.

20. Dallas Cowboys - Dez Bryant is actually playing some good football right now, and not doing anything dumb. Journalists everywhere don't know what to do with themselves.

21. Detroit Lions - "Good job, good effort"

22. Miami Dolphins - At least they didn't get blown out by New England. A la the last few teams that the Pats played.

23. San Diego Chargers - Just fire Norv already. Everyone knows he'll be gone.

24. Cleveland Browns - Brandon Weeden comes out on top in the battle of the old ginger QBs.

25. Tennessee Titans - With their lackluster effort Sunday, Tennessee secured a playoff spot for Houston.

26. New York Jets - The Jets finally made the long awaited switch at QB, from Sanchez to...McElroy. Skip Bayless is crying to himself right now.

27. Philadelphia Eagles - End of an era in Philly, as Andy Reid will be given his walking papers in three weeks time.

28.Carolina Panthers - Carolina needs to suck a little bit more so they can grab the star DT Star Lotulelei in the draft.

29. Arizona Cardinals - I don't wanna talk about it. It was bad, ok...

30. Oakland Raiders - I wouldn't even know where to begin as the GM trying to fix this team.

31. Jacksonville Jaguars - The race for the number one pick is on.

32. Kansas City Chiefs -Heavy hearts in KC, and a great effort to win 24 hours after a tragedy.