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NFL coaching changes: Arizona Cardinals could be considering Ray Horton

Ken Whisenhunt might be out the door...or not

Norm Hall

After the Arizona Cardinals lost their eighth straight game, apparently things have started to happen in the front office. Mike Jurecki tweeted on Monday:

Pro Football Talk insinuated that a move could happen in-season, and that we would see Horton as an interim coach, despite what local reporters have said. However, it could make sense.

But to clarify what Jurecki tweeted, he let us know this -- that it wasn't about firing Whiz now.

They say that where there is smoke there is fire, but when Jurecki says that there are internal conversations about Horton, they might range from discussing what could happen this offseason if he is offered a head coaching job, how much they will be willing to pay him to stick around or the most drastic of all the conversations -- having him replace Whiz as head coach here.

There certainly is enough going on to send Whiz on his way. There are the losses, the lack of a quarterback developed, the playing of Ryan LIndley despite his play when he could have put John Skelton back in, and now the altercation between Darnell Dockett and Kerry Rhodes (which is somewhere between a little more than a small deal to something huge).

The mounting losses are taking their toll on everyone. The result just might leave a few people out of work.

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