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Kerry Rhodes still supports the offense

It has to be coming, but so far, the defense is not calling out the offense. Not really.

Al Bello

If there were ever a time when the players of the Arizona Cardinals defense could complain, it would have been on Sunday, when the defense allowed only one touchdown the entire game and still lost the game. The closest I have heard about it came from Patrick Peterson after the Rams game, when he said he felt that the team was playing playoff caliber defense. He was also quick to say that they are in it together, as he should have.

But safety Kerry Rhodes, the man of the hour on Sunday after having picked off two passes and forced a fumble, would have anything to do with pointing fingers.

"I think it's what you do," Kerry Rhodes said, as noted on Arizona Sports. "We're in this together as a team."

Does the lack of execution on offense frustrate him?

"That's human nature thing, sure," Rhodes said. "But we have invested so much into this year to do what we can do and try and be the best we can. The offense is doing that and we are doing that as well. We're not perfect on the defensive side of the ball. Until we have a perfect game, until we shut someone out and they have zero yards, then we can't say anything."

He's right. Ultimately, the defense should never allow any points and the offense should never not score points. And since neither unit is perfect, they really can't say much other other than apologize for not making more plays.

Now, to be perfectly honest, I am surprised that nothing has come up before now. It took eight straight losses to get some stress. I would not think that Rhodes would be the guy. In fact, if I thought anyone were going to call out the offense, it would have been Darnell Dockett, especially considering how vocal he was tow offseasons ago about the team addressing the quarterback position.

Yet, despite all the struggling, it is good to see that the locker room is still united. That would be the one thing you could look at and know that Ken Whisenhunt's days are numbered.

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