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Rumors of Dockett spitting in Rhodes' face false, but we can still question the altercation

Kerry Rhodes admitted that Darnell Dockett never spit in his face, but the altercation was real.

Al Bello

Tensions are mounting.

Towards the tail end of the Cardinals' loss to the Jets this past Sunday, it was reported that Kerry Rhodes and defensive end Darnell Dockett got into a bit of a spat. In fact, it was rumored that Dockett actually spat in Rhodes' face.

Cardinals team writer Darren Urban got to the bottom of it all and asked Rhodes about the incident. Rhodes denied that Dockett ever spit on him, but did say they got into a bit of an altercation. This should come as no surprise, either.

It probably isn't a big deal, but it is obviously big enough to where the team is considering some discipline for Dockett, probably through a one game suspension.

After losing their eighth straight game, it stands to reason that there are going to be some frustrations that are unnecessarily demonstrated on and off the field. Dockett reportedly did not want to let the Jets score, instead opting to save the numbers for his dominant defense. Rhodes, on the other hand, was doing just what made sense for the team to win the game. He wanted to let Greg McElroy and the Jets score, giving the Cards another opportunity to get the ball on offense.

Instead of unleashing their anger on opposing offenses, it appears the team is crumbling from the inside out. I would expect a suspension because Ken Whisenhunt needs to show that he still has control of his locker room and is able to manage these sorts of situations.

One thing is for sure: if the team does not start winning some games, we can expect more of these types of incidences. The frustration from losing will spill over. And if it doesn't stop, jobs will be lost.

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