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Cardinals release veteran tight end Todd Heap

After being a healthy scratch for the past two games, the Arizona Cardinals have decided to part ways with tight end Todd Heap.

Norm Hall

The message has been sent. No one is safe.

Reports from ESPN's Adam Schefter indicate that the Arizona Cardinals have decided to part ways with veteran tight end Todd Heap. Heap is now subject to waivers and if he clears them, he will be a free agent once again.

Heap played in just two games for the Cards this season. He was injured while playing the New England Patriots after taking a late hit out of bounds from safety Steve Gregory. After that, he was listed as doubtful for many weeks with a knee injury and was unable to get off of the injury report until just two weeks ago.

Once healthy, Heap was deactivated from the gameday roster twice by Cardinals coach Ken Whisenhunt. It appears that Heap may have been in the doghouse, but no reports have been released to confirm that.

The local ASU product only managed to record 377 yards on 32 receptions and just one touchdown during his two-year stint with the Cards.

It stands to reason that Heap has been released. The team did not want to bring him back and take more snaps away from Rob Housler. Also, he was, at this point, a waste of a roster spot. No announcements have been made as to who will be brought in to take his spot.

One also has to wonder if Heap will ever play in the NFL again. Teams will be reluctant to sign him given his injury history and lack of production as of late. We may have seen the last of Todd Heap on the football field.

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