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Rich Bartel would be the Cardinals' quarterback 'for free'

Since the Arizona Cardinals seem to be having so many issues at QB, why not sign Rich Bartel?


With all of the problems the Arizona Cardinals are having at quarterback, it would surprise absolutely no one if the team brought someone else in to compete for the job. Kevin Kolb is still on the shelf with a rib injury and John Skelton and Ryan Lindley have both failed to take the reins.

So how about another familiar face? Former Cards QB Richard Bartel might want to take a whack at it. And he'd do it for free.

Bartel posted this message on Twitter in the midst of the Cardinals' lackadaisical offensive effort against the Jets this past Sunday.

The team never wanted to let him go in the first place. He is highly regarded by the coaching staff for his great football mind, veteran presence and ability to come into the game and play at a high level at any given time. He simply lost out on the numbers game because the team wanted to take a shot with Ryan Lindley and could not afford the risk of placing him on the practice squad.

I think bringing in Bartel would be a good move for the Cardinals. The thing is, how do they fit him on the roster? They could have given him Todd Heap's spot after he was cut on Tuesday, but the team opted to sign Kory Sperry instead. So would they cut someone else and carry four quarterbacks? Or have they seen enough from either Skelton or Lindley to decide that their services are no longer needed?

Either way, it wouldn't be horrible if Arizona made room for Bartel. The players and coaches love him, he has talent and he may be able to provide more than the Cards are currently getting from their quarterbacks.

I say sign him, but what do you think? Should the Cardinals make room for Rich Bartel? Tell us in the comments section.

P.S.- you don't need to play for free, Rich. I am sure the Cards would be happy to tender you a contract at this point.

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