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Larry Fitzgerald is frustrated, but he's not going anywhere

Comments by Cris Carter on ESPN and a response to those calling for a trade of the star wideout


I ran across an interesting article about Larry Fitzgerald on Tuesday stemming from a few things that Cris Carter said on Mike and Mike in the morning. Part of it is something we all can see. Fitz is frustrated.

There are three things about football that he really cares about -- winning, money and place in history. The money thing he has taken care of. It is the other two things that are getting him down.

"There's no greater competitor in the National Football League than Larry Fitzgerald," Carter said. "There is no wide receiver who likes to look good better than Larry Fitzgerald.

"There is no guy who wants to get the ball and loves seeing himself get the ball to affect the overall outcome of the game."

This season, Fitz doesn't look good. He looks helpless without someone able to get him the football. If the team were winning, it would be different. He would be happy winning. But to lose and not be a contributor to be able to say that he did all he could is killing him.

But something we all pretty much know is this -- Fitz is never going to ask to be traded.

"He is very, very frustrated, but he is sold out for the Cardinals," Carter said. "That's his team, that's where he's going to make his home, that's where he's going to live his life."

While I personally don't like the choice of word -- "sold out" -- I think we know that Fitz is heavily invested here, and likewise the Cardinals are in him.

Which brings us to the next topic -- trading him.

Dan Bickley wrote it and some here on the site have called for it.

I do not agree.

You can't trade Fitz for several reasons.

First of all, he has a no-trade clause and he doesn't want to leave, although he probably would be willing to if the right situation arose. Secondly, the Cardinals could never, ever get back in a trade what he is worth.

Why is that?

He is not old, but he is not young. Even still, while he is Larry Fitzgerald, trading for him now would not be the way most teams would go.

Then there is the issue of his contract. No one is going to trade for that contract. He is worth every penny for the Cardinals, but is he worth that salary elsewhere?

Now, if somehow the Cards could get three first round draft picks for Fitz, that is one thing. The issue is that only teams seeking a franchise quarterback at the top of the draft give that up. And if the price were less -- just one first rounder, would you think that it is a good deal?

I answer my own question with a veritable NO!

So as smart it might seem to trade Fitz -- for his good and our team's -- it isn't plausible. The team doesn't get the value and nobody is going to pony up what the Cardinals would ask. Looking for Arizona Cardinals Tickets?

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