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Are you going to quit on the Arizona Cardinals?

With this season having gone from exciting to poop, at what point do you just stop?

Christian Petersen

Here is an article that one month into the season I never thought I would write. The team was 4-0 and looked like it had something special going on. However, injuries and offensive ineptitude have plagued the team since that point and 4-0 turned into 4-8. The horse-drawn carriage didn't just turn back in to a pumpkin, it turned into a flaming bag of poo.

As fans, it is hard to watch. But we also pride ourselves in loyalty to our team. But at what point do we give up and stop following/watching/supporting a team that just disappoints and does not provide you with what you want in a team?

A great column was written by Jon Bois for about wanting to quit your team. He observes some of the types of team quitters and how frequently it is not quitting at all, just getting mad. However, some do disappear.

Now, I am never going to quit caring about the Cardinals. I don't know how to do that. However, I have never been a season ticket holder or even purchased a ticket to a regular season game. I never had much apparel either, so maybe I'm not the biggest fan. At the same time, I have followed the Cardinals and listened to their games on the radio back in the days I was living with my parents because they did not let us watch TV on Sundays. I have been there cheering for the Cards (from my home) since 1991.

I will always be a Cardinals fan and I will always watch their games, even when they play terribly. And I know i am not alone.

But while there are fans that go back and forth between following the Cards and ignoring them, there are so many that are more willing to stay with their team than they are to hold on to a marriage, which is crazy talk to me.

So...essentially I pose this question to you all. With the season that the Cardinals have had, are you ready to quit the team? At what point would that happen?

I will never get there. I stuck around in the 90s through Tom Tupa, Stan Gelbaugh and the like. Why would I quit now when the team seems to be oh so close to having a great team?

Share with us in the comments, please.

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