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PFF Pro Bowl cheat sheet now includes Kerry Rhodes

After Kerry Rhodes' masterful performance against the Jets last week, Pro Football Focus has deemed him worthy of a Pro Bowl selection.

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Christian Petersen

One nice thing about not making the playoffs and therefore having no shot at the Super Bowl is that we know there will be Arizona Cardinals players featured in the next Pro Bowl. Larry Fitzgerald has been a staple of the event for a few years now, but due to the poor quarterback play that the team features, he may be up in the air this year.

In fact, Pro Football Focus does not have Fitz as one of the Cards that will be traveling to Hawaii. Patrick Peterson did not make the list, either. Odd, I know. Instead, there are three other Cardinals players that are listed on their "cheat sheet". And to no surprise, they all come from the defensive side of the ball.

The first, and perhaps most obvious one, is Daryl Washington. He has a chance to be the first Cardinal defender to ever record 100 tackles and 10 sacks in the same season. He is definitely becoming (if he isn't already) one of the premiere inside linebackers in the league. PFF cites his ability to time his blitzes the way he does as the reason he will make it.

Another name that made it and might be a bit more surprising is Calais Campbell. He has played well, but has been injured for a couple of games now. As PFF notes, if he does not return soon, he will not make the Pro Bowl. It is as simple as that. He still has shown that he can get consistent pressure on the QB, swallow up offensive linemen and even contribute on special teams with his long arms to block kicks.

Lastly, Kerry Rhodes has made an appearance on the list for the first time. His game against the Jets last week in where he had two interceptions and a forced fumble definitely warrants him getting a look or two. I think Rhodes also has a leg up due to the lack of overall talent at the free safety position in the NFC. Rhodes has played well this year and definitely deserves a vote or two. Hopefully Adrian Wilson is not sent in his place like he was a couple seasons ago, even though Rhodes was more deserving.

What do you make of this list? Is there anyone else that should be added? Taken off? Tell us in the comments below.

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