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Dockett Fined Six Digits for Altercation with Rhodes

The team fined Dockett 200,000 dollars for his argument with Kerry Rhodes.


We knew there would be punishment for what occurred between both players, but the amount of punishment is incredibly harsh for one of the top players on this defense and in the league. The team fined him 200,000 dollars, which is 60,000 less than a game paycheck for Dockett but it's still pretty hefty, considering these sorts of fines aren't common in the NFL, and Goodell only asks for 25k for a helmet to helmet hit. Dockett tweeted that he has filed an appeal to the NFLPA to reverse the fine.

Another punishment Dockett will be facing is his play time this Sunday. It's set to be cut considerably barring injury. Now this one is harsher than the 200k. Here is a guy who could have a game check cut and he'd play hard... Now I doubt he'll play as hard as he naturally would. There will definitely be a rift between Dockett and the team, Whisenhunt in general, thus adding to what seems to be a sinking boat for The Whiz here in Arizona.

Do you think that Whiz is adding to the reasons to give him his pink slip come this offseason? Or is there more to this story than Rhodes or Dockett have let loose? Now if only we could find some video of this fight...