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Darnell Dockett fined in excess of $100,000, may not start Sunday against Seahawks

The Arizona Cardinals have handed down a fine to Darnell Dockett for his acts at the end of the Jets game last Sunday.

Christian Petersen

Given how much Cardinals defensive end Darnell Dockett was fined, I am sure he will be hesitant to go against Coach Whisenhunt's wishes again.

At the tail end of the Cardinals' loss to the Jets last Sunday, the defense was asked to let the New York Jets score in order to get the ball back and attempt to get a last minute touchdown. Everyone seemed okay with the idea of letting the Jets get a touchdown -- except Darnell Dockett.

Instead, Dockett was seen arguing with teammate Kerry Rhodes and, according to initial reports, spitting in his face. Both players later admitted that those allegations were false, as no spit flew in anyone's face. Still, the argument was real and has since been settled.

But the Cardinals organization wants to make sure it doesn't happen again. That is why they decided to fine Dockett a ton of money. The story was initially broken by XTRA 910's Mike Jurecki:

Dockett has since been very local on Twitter, saying that he has, "sold rights to the Birdgang" and will be appealing the fine. The NFL Players Association handles all of those types of cases.

On top of the fine, rumor has it that Dockett will see a reduced role this Sunday against the Seahawks. He apparently will not start and his playing time will be cut drastically. We will see if the coaching staff follows through with that given the amount of injuries already along the defensive line.

What do you make of the fine? Fair or foul? How about the reduction of playing time? Tell us in the comments section below.

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