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Cardinals vs. Seahawks: A game to forget

The Cardinals' 58-0 loss to the Seahawks is great proof that this team no longer has any pride left to play for.

Otto Greule Jr

This is a Birdgang I have never seen before. Actually, this is a Birdgang none of us have seen before. Instead of a real gang, this looks like one of the "gangs" from West Side Story. Embarrassing, awful and anything but intimidating. I almost expected for the team to break out in dance after this loss.

The worst loss in Cardinals history was 49-0 against the Kansas City Chiefs in 2002, according to Kent Somers. Today, that mark was broken. The Arizona Cardinals apparently landed safely in Seattle last night, but I did not see them take the field. Instead, I saw impostors adorned in white and red taking their place. Players that took no pride in what they do, no care for their craft.

This is rock bottom, Cardinals fans. The team needs to fill so many positions that it almost makes sense for them to just give the season up, play the young guys and start planning on who to take with your top five pick in the 2013 NFL Draft.

And the opponent did not even respect them, either. Pete Carroll's Seahawks continued to throw the ball for the end zone while up 58-0, hoping to rack up the points and boost their stats. Cameras caught members of each team laughing with one another. This was not a game between two teams, but a lousy performance reminiscent of Tecmo Super Bowl.

Who becomes the starting quarterback next week should Kevin Kolb still not be able to go? Better question -- who cares? This team has given up and no fault should be put upon the shoulders of fans if they did too.

And it has finally cycled through the entire team. It started with the ineptitude of the offense, but we saw the defense carry them into victories and close games. Now we have seen the defense give up, caring not if the opposing team scores because they know their offense will not be able to get them back in the game. By the looks of it, it appears the coaching staff has given up as well. Coach Ken Whisenhunt had a look of disdain on his face near the end of the game, one that was in realization that his job is in great jeopardy.

Where does the team go from here? Where can they go? For the past nine weeks, the only way we have seen them go is south. I doubt that changes at any point for the rest of this season.

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