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Arizona Cardinals at Seattle Seahawks, week fourteen

Arizona Cardinals: Did the losing streak end at eight?


Week fourteen found the Arizona Cardinals up in Washington, facing the Seattle Seahawks. Once team finds themselves in the midst of playoff talks while another is spiraling downward with every consecutive week.

This week Coach Whisenhunt went back to John Skelton for QB, a move that smacks of the desperate situation the Cards find themselves in. The result remained the same as prior weeks, an offense that is offensive. No continuity, no run game, no ability to convert the throw and catch. I didn't see Larry Fitzgerald laughing anywhere, so he must be crying on the plane.

I can't blame him though, talent squandered is painful to watch. A major factor in Fitzgerald's squandered talent is Skelton, who completed eleven throws to accompany his four interceptions on the day. The next offensive number is forty three, the amount of yardage the Cards maanged rushing.

Beanie Wells was unimpressive in his carries for the day. William Powell had a nice something out of nothing moment and managed four yards a carry, but only saw five carries. Special teams also contributed to a riducluos showing, with Patrick Peterson muffing a pair of punt returns. Poor play from both special teams and the offense lead to Card's defense being on the field for over half the game, and the time spent on teh field is begging to show.

The front seven failed to stop the run game of the Seattle Seahawks, with both Marshawn Lynch and Robert Turbin topping one hundred yards on the ground. Daryl Washington was quiet this game, with one tackle and a few assists. Darnell Dockett was also limited in the stat line. In fact the normally staunch defense of the Cardinals only notched one sack and one forced turnover. The result, at halftime it was 38 - 0 Seattle, and in the end the Cardinals were handed an insulting loss, the final score 58 - 0. Most likely the final nail is the current coaching staff's tenure. An embarressmnt to watch. And more importnatly, another check in the L column, moving the skid to nine.