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Peyton Manning Says He 'Feels Good', Arizona Cardinals Fans Keep Hope Alive

Well Cardinals fans, the possibility of Manning in Cardinal Red still remains. After much speculation as to whether or not the future Hall of Fame quarterback would ever be able to play football again, Peyton Manning recently sat down with Trey Wingo of ESPN for an exclusive interview. Among the things discussed were his hometown playing host to the Super Bowl this Sunday, along with his brother, Eli Manning, being one of the participants in the big game.

What everyone wanted to know was what Peyton had to say about his current health situation. Hear some of his thoughts along with what this means for the Arizona Cardinals after the jump.

Peyton Manning attempted to avoid all health questions at all costs, but he did give fans some insight as to how his rehab is progressing.

Quoth Manning:

"I really feel good. I continue to make progress every day. Everything that the doctors have told me has been on point, which is encouraging to me. I just had a great day today with rehab, just got back from the facility, and that's what we continue to do. Just keep trying to get better. So far I have. That's the plan from here on out."

Still, will his prognosis be better by the time March rolls around? On March 8th, the Indianapolis Colts will have to pay Manning a $28 million bonus as part of his current contract. If Peyton is deemed unfit to play at that juncture, many NFL insiders believe that he will be released from the team and become free to find a new home.

The Colts also own the number one overall pick in the NFL draft and are expected to take highly touted QB prospect, Andrew Luck. Even if Manning is healthy, it is difficult envisioning a scenario in which both of these men can coexist on the same team. Luck is younger and has the potential to be an outstanding player in the NFL, which could lead to a premature exit for Peyton as well.

Curiously enough, many football analysts, including CBS' Charley Casserly and ESPN's Adam Schefter, believe that the Arizona Cardinals are a possible destination for the four time MVP winner.

Kevin Kolb struggled with both injury and the offensive scheme in his first season with the Cards and John Skelton is still young and could use more time to mold his skills. With Manning's arrival, Arizona would immediately become a contender not only in the NFC West, but also in the playoffs.

Manning would be a stopgap given his age, but he would definitely bring a winning attitude to the team. Letting Kolb walk in order to pick up Peyton is a no brainer in my eyes -- but only if he is healthy and ready to play.

We have seen the awards Peyton has won and the accomplishments he has made on the field, but should the Arizona Cardinals go after him if he is released by the Colts? What do you think? Leave your comments below.

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