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Arizona Cardinals Free Agency: Should The Team Bring Max Hall Back?

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In the last episode of the free agency series, we asked whether or not the Arizona Cardinals should re-sign their third string quarterback, Richard Bartel. 70% of you, the voters, said yes, citing his comfort within the offense that the team runs and his relatively cheap cost. I would think that unless the team gets a rookie quarterback to sit for a few years, then Bartel will definitely be coming back.

Outside of Bartel and a rookie QB, there is also the option of Max Hall, who the Cardinals own the exclusive rights to. Hall injured his left shoulder before the 2011 season even began and was forced to have surgery on it. Because of that, he was placed on the waived-injured list, but was never technically released by the team. So since the Cardinals do have the opportunity to bring him back, should they? Let's find out after the jump.

Coming out of BYU as an undrafted free agent, Max Hall probably never thought that he would be starting three games for an NFL team in just his rookie season. That is exactly what happened when in 2010, quarterback Derek Anderson was benched in favor of Hall.

Hall played in a total of six games at quarterback for the Cardinals, in which time he passed for only one touchdown, threw six interceptions, fumbled five times and had a completion percentage of exactly 50%. Not the best numbers to have when you are trying to hold on to a starting QB job, I would think.

One thing that became a cliche when talking about Hall was that the kid had "moxie". This was highlighted after he (and mainly the stellar play of the defense) was able to steal a win at home over the New Orleans Saints. He played the game with a fire in his belly, but unfortunately, the talent level just wasn't there.

In my opinion, I would think that Hall is allowed to walk by the Cardinals and free to sign with any other team around the league. Whether or not another team would even be willing to sign him is another question, but I definitely do not foresee it being the Arizona Cardinals.

What do you think? Should the team consider re-signing Max Hall? Leave your comments below and don't forget to vote in the poll.

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