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Saturday Open Thread: Outside Of The Cardinals, Do You Root For Other Teams?

Yesterday and today have officially become incredibly slow and quiet. Nothing really new with the Peyton Manning story, no new signings, the coaching staff is complete. What is a writer to do?

So today I open up an odd question to get some community involvement. I want to know what type of fan are you?

Are you the type to root only for the Cardinals? Do you have a secondary team you cheer for, or do you root for individual players?

In my case, I don't have so much a team or teams I also root for, but rather I root for individual players. When Jake Plummer was in Denver, I rooted for the Broncos. Since I am a Peyton Manning fan, I want the Colts to do well. But I don't really have any sort of connection to any team in the same conference.

What about the rest of you?