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St. Louis Rams Hire Les Snead As General Manager, Steve Keim Likely To Stay In Arizona

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Since the beginning of the offseason for the Arizona Cardinals, fans have been on their toes waiting for news on which coaching staff and front office personnel would be on the move. First there was Ray Horton, who interviewed to become the next head coach of the St. Louis Rams. Instead, they decided to hire Jeff Fisher, which will allow Horton to stay on as the defensive coordinator for the Cardinals.

More good news arrived yesterday because according to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, the Rams have hired Les Snead to be their new general manager. With the hiring of Snead, the likelihood that Steve Keim leaves the Cardinals diminishes greatly.

Keim had interviewed for the vacant GM position with the Rams a few weeks back, but it seems that the Rams have decided to go a different direction. Snead held the same position as Keim while working for the Atlanta Falcons.

As Kent Somers noted in his blog posting, losing Keim at this point in time would have been highly detrimental to the team. The NFL draft will be here before you know it and all of the workouts and combine practices leading up to that day are incredibly important. Without Keim, there would have been no figurehead at the top to manage the various scouts that work for the Cardinals organization.

So rejoice, Cardinals fans. The Rams failed to take any of the team's big names and it looks like both the coaching staff and the front office will remain mostly intact.

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