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2-13-12: Arizona Cardinals Bird Droppings - Slow News Period

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Without football Dockett had to find something else to do today.  (Photo by Mike Coppola/Getty Images for Pepsi)
Without football Dockett had to find something else to do today. (Photo by Mike Coppola/Getty Images for Pepsi)
Getty Images for Pepsi

This is the first weekend without football for us has just ended. The weekend is a lot less fun without the NFL around for our viewing pleasure.

Makes it a lot tougher for me to find anything good to post here too because of the lack of news as well...

Arizona Cardinals News:

Cardinals ownership puts trust in Ken Whisenhunt
The Cardinals are not the Steelers. They don't have Super Bowl rings. They don't have a national following. They don't have an owner willing to hire Todd Haley at all costs. Maybe Ken Whisenhunt should feel lucky. In Arizona, the head coach occasionally feels underappreciated, maybe even underpaid. But at least he's not undermined.

Arizona Cardinals have a steep climb ahead if they want Peyton Manning
The Cardinals must clear a series of obstacles the size of Camelback Mountain if quarterback Peyton Manning is going to wear their red No.18 jersey this fall. But the last step? That's taken care of. Receiver Stephen Williams won't mind giving the number up to Manning. "He can have my shoulder pads, too, if he wants them," Williams joked. A year ago, picturing Manning in something other than a Colts jersey was accomplished only with pharmaceutical help. But Manning has had three neck procedures over the past two years, missed all of last season, and is due a $28 million option bonus by March 8. With the first pick in the draft, the Colts are expected to take Stanford quarterback Andrew Luck. With all those factors in play, the Colts are expected to release Manning in the next month or so rather than pay him the $28 million. That would make Manning a free agent, and most teams without a proven quarterback, including the Cardinals, likely will express interest.

NFL News:

Ahmad Bradshaw says Cowboys won’t win with Tony Romo at QB | Shutdown Corner - Yahoo! Sports
Ahmad Bradshaw is still enjoying the glow of his Super Bowl win, but that didn't keep him from dropping some advice to the New York Giants' division rivals, the Dallas Cowboys. His words of wisdom? Find some confidence and drop that Tony Romo fella. Otherwise, they won't win a championship.

Les Snead Hired As St. Louis Rams General Manager, According To Report -
The St. Louis Rams have reportedly hired Les Snead to be their next GM, according to multiple reports. The team is expected to officially announce the hire on Monday or Tuesday.

ESPN speculates about the "death of football" | ProFootballTalk
While making the rounds on a slow, late Sunday afternoon, the NFL page at greeted me with this click-grabbing headline: "Football Apocalypse?" Given the massive withdrawal symptoms that many of us are feeling on this first weekend without pro football since Labor Day coupled with the return of The Walking Dead, I thought the article would have something to do with the short-term disappearance of the game and its impact on the millions who wandered aimlessly around their houses today with nothing to do. Instead, the item speculates openly on the possible permanent disappearance of the game.