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Ken Whisenhunt Earns Added Prestige, Is Part of NFL Competition Committee

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Since his hiring, Arizona Cardinals head coach has been well respected. After taking the Cardinals to the Super Bowl, many considered him almost a football god. Now he is one of the most tenured coaches in football. He also received a recognition that few ever get.

He is now a member of the NFL Competition Committee, which decides things on the field about the game, recommending rules changes.

He is one of only three head coaches on the committee.

Here is the whole committee list:

Rich McKay
Atlanta Falcons

Jeff Fisher
St. Louis Rams

Stephen Jones
Dallas Cowboys

Marvin Lewis
Cincinnati Bengals

John Mara
New York Giants

Ozzie Newsome
Baltimore Ravens

Mark Murphy
Green Bay Packers

Rick Smith
Houston Texans

Ken Whisenhunt
Arizona Cardinals

With Whiz in there, you have to wonder what perspective he will have and what slant he prefers. Will he recommend drastic changes? Probably not, as he is one of the most calm and level-headed coaches we have seen in some time.

Now, if you were to have the opportunity to make Whiz some suggestions, what would it be that he could share with the committee?

Holler away in the comments to let us know.

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