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ROTB Roundtable: Randy Moss, Draft, and more "Manning Talk"

As the off-season moves along slowly, and news starts to die down a little, the ROTB Writers answered three of the currently most talked about Cardinals topics.

Hit the jump for their answers, and don't forget to answer the questions yourself in the comments section!

1) Randy Moss has apparently un-retired, and his name has been linked to several teams. Since the Cardinals need a #2 WR, would you be okay with bringing him in?

Tyler Nickel: No, no, and no. The Cardinals need young receivers that they can build the team with, not a stopgap that we aren't sure can even play anymore. Also, the locker room distraction wouldn't be worth the possible limited production.

Jess Root: Not really. He didn't show he had anything left with any team recently. Would be wasted space.

Jesse Reynolds: No way. On a side note, I want to buck the trend here and say the Cardinals do not NEED a #2 WR. We NEED OT's, we WANT a #2 WR. Several teams don't even have a true # 1 like we do...

JoeCB1991: Fitz could probably get good things out of him with how they know each other from his days as a Vikings ballboy, but I'd rather go for someone younger (besides Wayne, because he would be like a second receivers coach), and the lack of effort I have seen from him at times worries me.

Alex Mann: I wouldn't have anything against it, nor would I care if he came. He's a future HOF WR, but with his age and lack of production in 2010, there is no way he could benefit the team in any sort of dramatic way.

2) The three positions that have been mentioned for the Cardinals to draft are O-line, OLB, and WR. Which do you think should be chosen in the 1st Round?

Tyler Nickel: I think the Cardinals should do what they probably will do -- take the best player available approach. All three of those positions need to be addressed and if there is a prospect sitting at #13 that fills one of them and can do so for the next few years, then that is who they should take. They need to stick to their board.

Jess Root: Whoever is the better player is the guy that should be drafted. I lean toward OL, but in the end, there are needs all over the place, so whichever guy has the best chance of making the biggest impact, that's what you should do.

Jesse Reynolds: I would like O-line, but not if it's it a reach. I say and will always say that we should go BPA. Needs are for FA, you use the draft to find talent regardless of need IMO.

JoeCB1991: The highest graded available player coming from either of those three positions is cool with me.

Alex Mann: After the latest Mock Draft, I think it will be Justin Blackmon. This will only happen if the Redskins trade up to the 2nd overall pick, and as of now it might just happen.

3) With Jim Irsay's public announcement that he wants to retain Peyton Manning, does this change where you think he'll end up?

Tyler Nickel: Not really. I don't think Peyton will restructure his contract because he sees that Indy just really isn't a great team. Being asked to do so provided Manning with the perfect scapegoat and now, he can go to whatever team he wants without having to take heat from the Colts' fans. I'm not sure where he will end up, but I still don't think he will remain in Indianapolis.

Jess Root: Nope. The main issue is that he doesn't want the contract. Of course he would bring him back if the contract were reworked. I don't think anything changes.

Jesse Reynolds: No, I always thought he would stay with Indy. Honestly I think it's a bad move for both parties but I don't think Irsay likes the idea of Manning winning a championship with another team. The Colts are a bad team and have tons of needs. Rebuilding and moving on is the smart move. But, I guess if you are billionaire you don't have to make smart moves; just look at Dan Snyder from the Redskins.

JoeCB1991: Makes me feel like he is slightly more likely to stay with the Colts, but this story is so confusing that I'm getting sick of trying to figure it out. I just want to sit back and wait and see what happens.

Alex Mann: It won't happen. Manning and Isray have gone back and forth with this whole I wanna stay, I don't wanna stay, this and that.