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Peyton Manning Reportedly Had Another Surgical Procedure

As the Peyton Manning news just started to wane, a new report has coming out that indicates that the star QB has had four, not three procedures as previously believed. There is also the rumor that he may have developed bone spurs in his neck.

The other surgery allegedly happened between his May surgery to correct his bulging disk and cervical fusion he had in September.

What does this mean?

To start, with the possibility of bone spurs, it increases the likelihood of the need for yet another surgery.

With that, it means that teams will be much more cautious with pursuing him and it may signal that he may have to retire.

The news is only news because of the information that has previously come out saying that he was cleared to play but was working on arm strength and expecting the nerve to regenerate.

This will only raise the concerns of his health. Perhaps in the end this will make him less expensive, but not likely. The team that wants him will end up paying and taking a huge risk.

ROTB, are you still on board with this information?

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