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Lunchtime Open Thread: Who Is Your Favorite Non-Cardinals Player?

The news is slow. We know. So it is time to talk about our fandom. Today we ask you this -- who is your favorite non-Cardinals NFL player? We have to eliminate all those players who are former players. So take out Anquan Boldin and Steve Breaston. And Matt Leinart, too.

For me, I like several players. I am a big Peyton Manning fan. I also like Philip Rivers. I am an Aaron Rodgers fan.

However, I think that my favorite player right now outside of the Cardinals is Cam Newton. He's so talented and charismatic, with just enough cockiness to go with it. I always thought he would develop in to a great player. I would have been great with his being drafted by the Cardinals.

There you have it. I am a Cam Newton fan. I will not deny this. Who are your favorite players? Share in the comments, please.