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Could 18-Game Schedule End Up Happening?

Just when you thought that the offseason wasn't already fraught with old storylines of Peyton Manning and everything else, we bring one from last offseason with the lockout. That would happen to be the discussion of an 18-game NFL season.

Roger Goodell was on the radio again and said some things that might make you think that at some point the whole idea of an 18-game rather than the 16-game model in place in the NFL.

The way the commissioner described it, the owners want 18 games and cite the fans wanting it. With the current CBAit will have to be negotiated with the playoffs, however, the owners have the right to cut the preseason by two games.

Just cutting those two games would cause a dip in revenues, so the players would be in a position to have very little in leverage.

Goodell said it likely would not happen until 2013, but we may well be on our way to seeing 18 regular season games..

What do you think? Would you mind two more meaningful games?