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Arizona Cardinals Free Agency: Should Greg Toler Be Re-Signed?

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This is it, folks. We have reached the end of the list of free agents for the Arizona Cardinals. Before we look at our final player, let's go over the results from how the community voted on A.J. Jefferson. Jefferson showed great promise in his first year with a major role on the team and for that, 88% of you voted that the Cards should retain him. The club does own his exclusive rights, so the chances that he does not end up back with the Cards are slim.

Last up is cornerback Greg Toler. As you may recall, Toler was unable to play during the 2011 season due to a torn ACL injury that he sustained in a preseason game against the San Diego Chargers. This was a significant injury and a huge blow to the Cardinals secondary, as Toler was slated to be one of the starting corners for the team.

This season, Toler will have to work his way back towards the top to regain a starting role. After the jump, let's look at some of his 2010 stats and decide whether or not he will be able to accomplish that goal.

Toler was drafted in the fourth round of the 2009 NFL draft out of St. Paul's University. He did not start during his rookie season, but in 2010, he became a starting cornerback across from former Cardinal, Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie. His sophomore season gave fans some promise that going into 2011, he could help the team improve from their 5-11 record.

2010 was no doubt a roller coaster season for Toler, though. He had his fair share of great games, such as the one against the Saints where he only allowed two completions and had an interception and two deflected passes. Then there were other games, such as the one against Brett Favre and the Vikings, where he allowed too many completions and was picked on throughout the duration of the game.

However, 2010 was his first season as a starter and the team knew that he was going to improve coming into the 2011 season. Toler had a strong training camp with the Cards and looked promising during the limited preseason action that he saw.

That promise was all for naught after Toler left the game against the Chargers. Initially suspected to be just a minor injury, it was later revealed that Toler had torn his anterior cruciate ligament and would be out for the entirety of the 2011 season. An injury like this usually takes the better part of a year to heal, but Toler should be ready to go by the time training camp rolls around.

So should the Cardinals re-sign him? He is a restricted free agent, so if another team wanted to swoop in and make him an offer, they would have the rights to do so. The Cardinals may plan on putting a tender on him, but there is no guarantee he will be back.

In my opinion, I think Toler returns to the team. The Cardinals can use all the secondary help they can get and Toler would seemingly be the perfect fit in Ray Horton's defensive scheme. He should not be overly expensive to retain and he could come back and be a huge contributor for the organization.

What do you think? Should the Arizona Cardinals re-sign Greg Toler? Let your voice be heard in the comments section below and don't forget to vote in the poll.

Stats from Pro Football Focus

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