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Robert Mathis + Arizona Cardinals = Perfect Match?

We have not yet started the free agency period in the NFL, but that does not mean we can't start speculating as to who will sign where. While the Arizona Cardinals are trying to work out a long-term deal for defensive end Calais Campbell, they may be looking for more help on defense.

Pete Prisco from CBS Sports attempted to find the perfect team/free agent matches in this article from Thursday. According to him, Robert Mathis would be the perfect match for the Arizona Cardinals.

Why would he be perfect for Arizona?

The Cardinals need to find somebody who can rush the passer from the outside linebacker position. Mathis has been a down end, but he could easily make the transition to rush linebacker with his speed.

These are probably fairly accurate assessments, but would the Cardinals want a guy who will have to make a big adjustment to not only a position change, but also a complex defensive scheme?

He would be a great player to add, but he will not come cheaply and his impact might be immediate in the pass rush, but he would likely give up other plays because of the learning curve.

But what to you say, ROTB community? Would Robert Mathis be truly a perfect fit?

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