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Roundtable: Draft needs, FA, and Pro Bowl

First off, sorry for being a day late on this. I went the whole of yesterday thinking I'd done it, but then at midnight I woke up and thought, "Shoot, I never did the Roundtable!".

But better late than ever. Hit the jump for the ROTB Writing Staff's answers to this week's Roundtable questions.

1) Many mock drafts have us taking an OLB, vs. an O-line pick. Which need is greater, O-line or Pass-rush?

Alex Mann: I see a pass rusher as our greatest need. Our O-line played better than they have for quite some time following the game in St. Louis. O'Brien played well late and Acho played beyond expectations. We need someone to challenge Haggans (if still around) and O'Brien for that starting role on the other side.

Tyler Nickel: I would say that offensive tackle is the biggest need for the Cardinals as of right now. Sam Acho was a slam dunk in the fourth round and will be an excellent starter next season and hopefully either Schofield can step up or a free agent/later round pick can come in across with him.

Khodder: I see the bigger draft need as the offensive line. We are losing a lot of talent on the OL to FA and Levi Brown WILL be cut or restructured prior to the 2012 season, there is no way they are carrying his cap hit and even with what we have now we are struggling for quality on the OL. We have two young prospects at OLB, Acho performed well above expectations as a rookie and Schofield should be much better prepared as he heads into his first real offseason with the Cardinals. We need young talent on the OL and we need a veteran presence at OLB.

JoeCB1991: With Sam Acho playing well and the late season emergence of the defense, pass rush has become less of a need than it was early in the season. O-line is the bigger issue for the Cardinals right now.

Jess Root: While both are very important, offensive line help is imperative. The team has some pass rushing already, but the offensive line has no young promise to it, really.

Jesse Reynolds: I say BPA in line with need. If that is a pass rusher, an OT, or just a really good player that has dropped down to us. I think last draft showed us what happens when you pick BPA, you get a lot of contributors.

2) The Cardinals have a small list of players who are FA's, most notably Calais Campbell and Greg Toler. Who should be a top priority, and who should be let go?

Alex Mann: CC obviously our top priority. Terrific special teams player, and an outstanding D- Lineman. The other guy would be Greg Toler. He played well his rookie season and should have played even better this season prior to his knee injury. Having Toler, PP, and Marshall at CB whilst Wilson and Rhodes play at the safety position, we could have one of the more dangerous DB Corps in the NFL.

Tyler Nickel: Both Campbell and Toler should be kept on. Starting caliber players that were productive are obviously Arizona's top priority, while the older, non-productive players are more likely to be let go.

Khodder: Calais is the obvious #1 priority, but Richard Marshall is #2. He is a very versatile DB who played the outside and slot at CB as well as playing some safety with Rhodes out. He was called the Defensive MVP of the team by Ray Horton and his ability to cover many roles and create turnovers is huge in our secondary. On Toler I think he could be in a roster batlle. With the depth that we have built at CB. Peterson, Marshall, Jefferson all started last season. Adams will stay because of his ST's value and the team signed Crezdon Butler because Horton has a high opinion of him. Toler is really going to be in a battle for the 3/4 CB spot and he is one the back foot compared the Jefferson who has experience in the system and Butler who has spent a season with Horton in Pittsburgh. We must keep Rashad Johnson who provides depth at S and Vonnie Holliday and Clark Haggans are both vets who need to stick around. Early Doucet has likely played his last game for Arizona.

JoeCB1991: Calais Campbell is the biggest priority, and he should be the first person the FO gets a deal done for. As for the rest of the guys, there isn't really anybody who I think needs to be gone, I would honestly try to bring back as many of the FA's as possible.

Jess Root: Obviously, Campbell is number one. Greg Toler is a restricted free agent, so I don't see anyone taking him off the team's hands. Since most of the free agents are role players, there really is not a guy that says absolutely has to go. Joey Porter would really be the only guy that I think should definitely be let go.

Jesse Reynolds: Calais Campbell. Everyone knows that though. I think we need to let our special teams go and see if we can start new. I like Jay Feely a lot, but he has no range. We will see how the FO treats him and our punter.

3) Many fans have been complaining about the Pro Bowl, and how it's become a "joke" in recent years. What are your suggestions to make it better and more competitive?

Alex Mann: This one seemed more competitive than last years. Especially when the # 1's were on the field. Rodgers to Fitz is an amazing duo so who knows... maybe in 5 years we could have Rodgers out here... Hey a man can dream right? But I feel like players should be allowed to blitz on offensive plays. Maybe not on FG's or Extra Points but at least on plays.

Tyler Nickel: Honestly, given the fact that football is such a physical sport, I don't know how you can get these guys to play a game that is meaningless all while putting their bodies in harm's way. Recognition for getting selected to a "Pro Bowl" should still be given and the player should get the bonuses, but as far as playing the actual game goes, it's basically a waste of time. Do away with the game altogether, that's my suggestion.

Khodder: I think the easiest way to get more excitement into the Pro-Bowl is to incorporate some skills competitions within it. But the game itself is never going to be played hard, too much of a risk for injury and the assets (players) there are too important for the NFL to risk big name injuries. Don't expect any change, the last two years have been the highest rated (TV) pro-bowls in close to a decade.

JoeCB1991: Bring back the skills competitions, like obstacle and accuracy challenges. All I care about is getting those back on TV because nothing will really stop the teams from not giving effort unless the losing team was blown up by landmines or something crazy like that.

Jess Root: I like the Pro Bowl the way it is. It is an exhibition and a party. It's not too serious. By the end of the games, the competition is back up. I say leave it alone.

Jesse Reynolds: The Pro Bowl needs to be entertainment and the game really isn't. I like the idea others have mentioned of contests of skills and the like, celebrity match ups. Maybe some 7 on 7's with celebrities.

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