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Kevin Kolb And John Skelton To Compete For 2012 Starting Job

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In what was perhaps something we at the site overlooked in the radio interview on Thursday that Rod Graves and Ken Whisenhunt had on Arizona Sports 620, Coach Whisenhunt discussed the impending quarterback situation in 2012.

Guess what? It is what most of us think it should be -- a competition.

Said Whisenhunt:

"Both guys are going to get opportunities because John certainly deserves it from the way that he played over the back half of the season and Kevin certainly deserves it from the reason that we went out, got him, and brought him in."

Comparing overall performance, neither one nor the other really showed they were the better candidate. For that reason, and to reward what Skelton was able to accomplish, they will get an open competition.

This is exactly what Whisenhunt's philosophy has always been -- competition raises the level of play.

The question is how each will react. Kurt Warner thrived with the competition. Matt Leinart withered.

The question yet to be seen is if one will pull ahead of the other.

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