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Peyton Manning The Main Focal Point In The Latest Arizona Birdgang Podcast Episode

Mario and Joe are back at it again for season two of the Arizona Birdgang Podcast. Unfortunately, for the first episode of their new season, they decided to bring on an in-studio guest: me. Sorry in advance to all the listeners that will be forced to listen to me talk for the next 45+ minutes.

The offseason is in full swing and we are in a bit of a dead period. The Combine hasn't quite arrived as of yet and the free agency period doesn't open up until March. So naturally, we discussed what every major NFL outlet has been talking about: Peyton Manning. After the jump, find out all of the topics for the latest podcast entitled "#Peyton2AZ".

If you are an Arizona Cardinals fan and are in favor of Peyton Manning possibly coming to Arizona, then this is the podcast for you. We go through almost all of the possible landing spots for Manning and discuss the pros and cons of each one and how one of the greatest quarterbacks to ever play would fit in on each team.

Then, Mario attempts to dispel the stigma that the Cardinals are still a cheap franchise. By re-signing many of their key players and making a huge splash in the free agent market before the 2011 season, how could that possibly affect the chances of Manning deciding to come here?

If Manning does come to Arizona, what happens with Kevin Kolb? How will his contract affect the Cardinals moving into the future? And then you have John Skelton. What happens with him if Manning comes to the desert? With both Kolb and Skelton already on board, should the Cards even bother to pursue Peyton?

Reggie Wayne as the next Colt to wear a Cardinals uniform? That was the next topic of discussion. Get our takes on the possibilities of him joining the club and what role he would play with the team.

Finally, we dip our toes a bit into the NFL Combine discussion and name a few players that we will be watching intently throughout the week.

Listen to the latest episode of the only Arizona Cardinals podcast around. Use the embedded player below, or if you are on your mobile phone, use the direct link to the episode.