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Arizona Cardinals Rumored To Have Been Invited To Play In Hall Of Fame Game

Monday afternoon, Mike Jurecki tweeted that he had heard that the Arizona Cardinals had been asked to play in the 2012 Hall of Fame Game, which kicks off the NFL preseason each year. If the Cardinals do decide to accept the invite, they would be getting a fifth preseason game.

Is this a good idea?

Aside from the extra work, there are some positives to this. It gives the team more game reps to make roster decisions for one. Since the Hall of Fame Game is the kickoff of the preseason, it would mean that the Cardinals would likely start training camp earlier than normal (they typically start camp around the last weekend in July).

Perhaps the biggest impact will be with Kevin Kolband John Skelton. As there will be an open competition for the starting QB job, it will give both guys more reps in games to be able to show what they can do. For Kevin Kolb, who has had less experience with the offense, this potentially will be invaluable.

It has not been confirmed whether this has happened or not, but if it has, Ken Whsienhunt and the Cardinals should jump at the opportunity. It would bring some recognition to the team and should be a help to make sure the roster is filled with the best guys at each position.

The downside is that with increased game reps comes greater risk of injury.

What do you think? Would you like to see the Cards in the Hall of Fame game? Would the injury risk be worth it to see the team play one additional game, even if it is meaningless?

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