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NFL Draft Profile: Brandon Brooks, OG, Miami (OH)

Here is a look at a lower prospect that will not get the attention the other guys we have profiled will. Since late-round picks are every bit as important as early picks and are actually crucial to the long-term success of a franchise, let us look at one on the offensive line.

Brandon Brooks
Miami (OH)
Offensive Guard

Brooks is a prospect that has slipped under the radar a bit, he plays for a team that does not play on national TV very often or at all. After a redshirt seasons as a freshman Brooks has started every season since for the Redhawks of Miami(OH) all across the offensive line, he played both Left Tackle and Left Guard during an injury shortened season in 2010, he started all 12 games at Left Guard as a rFr in 2008 and then started every game in 2009 as well. He started most of the 2011 season at Right Guard after which he was a standout performer at the East-West Shrine Game. A player who could surprise a few people come draft day when his name is called, but that is no indictment on his ability as a player, moreso on the coverage that he has been afforded. His size is what should stick out to most immediately and though he does not carry it badly he could be just as effective in his game at a slimmer 325, a game based on power and brute strength, Brooks is phenomenal in the running game in 1 v 1 power blocking situations, and can hold his on in pass protection, particularly if he is given the protection afforded in pass pro to guards with players off both their left and right shoulders. He does need a bit of technique work, but those are things that can be cleaned up at the NFL level, especially in a mid round selection. Has huge upside to his game.

His size, position, tendencies towards power blocking, and small school education are all hallmarks of what may interest the Cardinals in the draft, especially along the offensive line where Arizona could use help. Despite the low amount of buzz around Brooks and the lack of a combine invite his name should be called somewhere around the third round, the Cardinals will likely be looking for some offensive line help and Brooks is a guy that fits the scheme in Arizona very well, he fits their previous draft tendencies and he could conceivably come in a compete for the starting job at Right-Guard for the Cardinals from day one.

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