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ROTB Roundtable: QB Competition, Hall of Fame game, and Aikman's Comments

Another Wednesday, another off-season ROTB Roundtable. The Cardinals still managed to stay in the news, despite the off-season barely rolling by. Like always, the Writing Staff attempted to answer three trending Cardinals questions.

Hit the jump for their answers, and don't forget to answer the questions yourself in the comments section!

1) I know this topic was repeatedly talked about throughout the season, and many became sick of it, but it has come up again. Coach Whiz recently announced that Kolb and Skelton will battle for the starting job. Do you think this is the right decision, and what is your prediction for the final outcome?

Tyler Nickel: Competition is always a good idea. If Coach Whiz didn't believe in that philosophy, Kurt Warner never would have had a chance. I think Kolb will win the job in the end, but it will be exciting to see either way.

Jesse Reynolds: Yes it is and Kevin Kolb will win out.

JoeCB1991: Yes it is the right decision, I think that with an extra year in the system and better chemistry with the receivers Kolb will win the battle though.

Jess Root: It is like he said. Kolb deserves a shot because he didn't do anything to lose the job and that is why they went and got him. Skelton deserves a shot because he won games and showed some flashes of being really good. That being said, Kolb will likley pull ahead and win the job.

Alex Mann: It was the right decision. Skelton has deserved the right to compete for the position after he lead us to an improbable 8-8 season. The Depth Chart will probably show Kolb as the #1 guy going into camp because of how much we've invested in him but anythings possible. He's a good backup but has yet to prove himself as a starter. I think that Kolb will win the starting role though, but I'm open to Skelton earning that spot, but he has to show the ability to win games in more than the final quarter.

2) The Cardinals were reportedly offered the chance to play in the Hall of Fame game. Do you think they should accept? Why or why not?

Tyler Nickel: Yes I think they should accept. Even though another game means more risk of injury, the exposure of the team and more reps for all of the players are definitely big pluses.

Jesse Reynolds: No, I think the preseason is long enough and adding another game is silly.

JoeCB1991: Sure, more exposure and an extra game for the coaches to evaluate the bubble guys.

Jess Root: I think they should. It is prestige and extra reps. There is the injury factor, but I think that all of the possible negatives are outweighed by the positives.

Alex Mann: I hope they say yes. Not only is it a chance for both Kolb and Skelton to get more reps, but it gives whatever new players we bring in via Draft or FA to learn the defensive system, or to gel with our Offensive Line. It would also give Toler and both Williams (Dan and Ryan) the chance to shake off some cobwebs from missing games, and incorporate themselves into the game plans.

3) Troy Aikman reportedly said that the NFL was too diluted (Games on Monday, games on Sunday, games on Thursday, etc.). If you were the Commissioner of the NFL, what would you change about this? Or do you think it's fine the way it is?

Tyler Nickel: Personally, I like the way it is. Other major sports such as the NBA and MLB are on every night anyways, so what's the big issue with the NFL being on 3-4 times per week? The more football the better.

Jesse Reynolds: I like it and I hope it doesn't change. With games on only one day I get to see less games, with games on three days I get to see more football teams play. I think this is better.

JoeCB1991: I think the rules limiting where you can touch Quarterbacks and limiting what defenses can do in order to help the offenses score more points is what is diluting the game. I have no problem with how often the games are on, I just hope they don't expand the season to an 18 game season because that will do nothing but dilute the level of play with all the injuries and the poor quality of play we will see to start off the year with a shorter preseason.

Jess Root: As it stands, the NFL wins everything. Diluted? I'd only say that if ratings were dropping. As long as things are going well, try and grow as much as you can because you might not always be able to.

Alex Mann: It's good. Both the NBA and MLB have games every day pretty much. They both have 30 teams in their leagues. With our 32 having a game on Sunday, Monday, and Thursday will open it up more, and maybe possibly, allow us to expand the league.