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Peyton Manning To Miami Dolphins Or Arizona Cardinals: Other Ways To Woo Him

As if the Peyton Manning situation weren't strange and complicated enough, there have been some recent events to make the story even more weird. In Miami, there is a new website,, trying to drum up more support. In Miami there is also a billboard promoting the idea of Manning to Miami.

However, not to be outdone, the guys from the Arizona Birdgang Podcast have done the same thing.

There is now a website for Arizona: We don't have a billboard yet, but we already have Larry Fitzgerald and a dome to go with it.

Will these websites be the thing to tip the scales? Not likely. Manning probably won't even ever see them or hear about them (that final thing is probably not true -- if he has good PR people, they already know about the pages).

But if it can inspire a fanbase to make some noise. And when that stadium gets rocking, we now how awesome it is. It is as good a place to play as anywhere for the home team.

So bring on the websites, guys. Get fired up. This is what fans do.

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