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Could Arizona Cardinals Get Peyton Manning And Keep Kevin Kolb?

With all the talk about Peyton Manning and his bonus, and Kevin Kolb and his bonus, there apparently is a small detail that apparently most have overlooked and Mike Jurecki revealed in a tweet on Friday.

Based on that, the Cardinals, by staying $7 million under the cap have essentially wiped out the bonus they have to oay Kolb against the cap, should they choose to use the carryover cap space.

Now there was an agent tweet that made me question the info:

So either the Cardinals have an extra $3 million or an extra $7 million. This potentially could mean that the team would not have to cut Kolb to bring in Peyton Manning.

They could make the contract work.

Now whether or now the team does is a completely different story. It's just that the financials could actually work.

What do you think? Should they keep both guys if Manning is brought to Arizona?