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Offensive Line, NFL Combine Among The Topics Discussed In Latest Arizona Birdgang Podcast Episode

I don't think this is Darnell Dockett's pet alligator, Nino, but then again, I can't be sure.
I don't think this is Darnell Dockett's pet alligator, Nino, but then again, I can't be sure.

Another week means another episode of the only Arizona Cardinals podcast around, the Arizona Birdgang Podcast. Your co-hosts Mario and Joe brought me back as a guest once again to discuss all things football and this time, we didn't discuss Peyton Manning for the entire show (although, Mario did try).

With the NFL Combine taking place this week and teams having to evaluate all of the various players attending, we attempt to do the same, discussing some of the offensive linemen and other athletes that could be fits in Arizona. After the jump, see the entire list of topics for this week's episode entitled "QB Sneak".

First up, we discuss the new Arizona Cardinals/Peyton Manning fanclub website, Mario has certainly put in a lot of time into making the website look good, so go check it out!

Next, Joe had some interesting information regarding the offensive line of the Arizona Cardinals. According to some of the statistics he dug up, it might not all be on them for the sacks that the team allowed in 2011.

After that, we dive straight into the combine. We discuss the potential picks at the top end of the draft (outside of the obvious Andrew Luck to Indy scenario) and where the Cardinals might go at #13. Will they reach for an offensive lineman because it is a position of need? Or do they take the best player available approach and select a linebacker or a receiver?

Will the Cardinals end up re-signing former #5 overall pick, Levi Brown? If so, which side of the line will he play on? We talk about what the team should do with Brown and the potential impact of him remaining in the desert.

Moving on from that, we somehow segue into the Hall of Fame game in which Cardinals head coach Ken Whisenhunt has stated that he would have interest in playing in. Should the team pick up a fifth preseason game for the benefit of more reps?

Coming towards the end we each selected our favorite story from around the NFL (mine just so happened to be Cardinals related) that happened over the past week to share with our listeners. I don't like to brag, but I am going to go out on a limb and say mine was the best.

To finish it all off, we again strayed away from the main point of conversation (it's becoming a theme) and discussed Early Doucet and his impending free agency. Will he re-sign with the Cardinals? Should the team look to retain him? We give our takes in the show.

Listen in on the latest or any of the past editions of the Arizona Birdgang Podcast. Use the embedded player below, or if you are on your mobile phone, use the direct link to the episode. Thanks for listening!